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        2. 制造測試與自動化方案專家

          Manufacturing Test & Automation Solution Expert


           Hi Billiam, Carey and Terry

          I saw a very good progress on ARC project.

          Thanks to Billiam, Carey, Terry and all technical engineers great support.

          Now it is critical time to integrate HW and SW, Gage R&R and DQ.

          But I have confidence all testers delivery in time. I believe you have confidence also.

          Let’s continue focus on ARC project and I believe we will WIN this project.

          This project will be a role model to prove Booster have a good capability to delivery number of testers in time.

          Please express my THANKS to all ARC team members.

          Thanks all.

          Received the great praise from GE global test team !

          Thank you very much! You're Booster's role model ! Booster GE Team!